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When most people think of lingerie parties, a lot of different ideas come to mind. What kind of lingerie party do you envision? We have a few options for you to consider based on the type of event you would like to host.  These options are offered after experiencing many lingerie parties and seeing what works well for most of our customers. But, we are flexible, so if you have something specific in mind, LET’S DISCUSS!

What’s included with every event:

  • We provide a minimum of two expert fitters during an event. If there are more than 15 attendees, we will provide three fitters.
  • We are happy to donate 5% of our proceeds (net taxes), to your or your organization’s favorite charity


This is a gathering in the store during normal store hours for up to 10 guests. You will be provided with table space to accommodate refreshments for your guests. You may have food and beverage delivered to the store. Please note: We cannot keep it refrigerated.
We continue to be open to the public, but will reserve a dressing room and a fitter for your attendees. You may book this during anytime and any day of the week, during normal business hours. We recommend an hour for every three guests. Some fittings will take 15-20 minutes, some may take 45 minutes. If we do not have outside appointments, we will utilize more than just the reserved dressing room for your guests. We will be happy to play music of your choice during your event, as long as it is not deemed offensive.


This is an event for up to 20 guests. The store will be closed to the public. We book these events weekdays, starting at 4pm and ending by 7pm. We find that this works very well for the guests that work downtown; it's convenient to leave work a bit early, and attendees that are traveling into the city will skirt the rush hour traffic. Also, many of our hosts provide wine and light appetizers during the Lingerie Event, and then go on to dinner somewhere conveniently located in Penn Quarter (there are so many fun options!).
You will be provided with table space to accommodate refreshments for your guests. You may have food and beverage delivered to the store. Please note: We cannot keep it refrigerated. We are happy to play music of your choice. You are also welcome to schedule additional entertainment.


We recommend light colored beverages; examples include sparkling water, champagne, and white wine. Please remember to provide cups and napkins for your guests. 

Finger foods are easiest for your guests. There is not a lot of seating in our boutique. Guests will need to manage their food and beverage while standing and socializing. Crudites and sushi rolls work well.

We can offer suggestions if you’d like some guidance. We are here for you!


1) Contact us to confirm availability for your event.  Please email us at info@coupdefoudrelingerie.com and in the subject line, please reference EVENT. Please schedule at least three weeks ahead of your desired event date.

2) If this is a private event, we require a credit card to save the date, but will not process any charges until after the event and receipts are reconciled. You can cancel up to three days prior to the event without being charged a cancellation fee of $500. You will be provided with a credit card authorization outlining the terms of the required minimum and cancellation policy. This needs to be signed and returned in order to confirm your event.

3) If after receipts are reconciled and you event falls short of the $750/hr minimum, your credit card will be charged the difference. For instance, if you booked an event from 5pm-7pm, 2 hours, (2 x $750 = $1500), and your receipts totaled $1200, you would be assessed the difference of $300, and your credit card charged this amount.

Request for a 5% donation of the tendered event receipts, net of tax, to a charitable organization of your choice, needs to be made within 1 week of your event. A check paid to the order of the charity will be disbursed within a week after your event, and sent to either the address provided for the charity or to the host of the event.